Hairy uncut cock gets some hardcore love

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Some people are masochistic like that, like this guy that has a thing for playing with his foreskin. Screw that, he’s not only playing, the guy shoved his finger down his penis sleeve, showing us some of the more hardcore things you can do with uncut cocks. If you feel like experimenting, try finding a foreskin dick for yourself to play with gentlemen, you can see how much more sensitive uncut cocks are, even the ones that don’t go for the hardcore fingering like this guy’s dick does.

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Uncut guy with fantastic foreskin cums for us

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This guy is still not out of the college and he’s looking for some way to earn some cash. Well, for guys with uncut cocks there are always sites that show ladies and gentlemen what would it be like to have fun with guys that still have their foreskin, and that’s the choice he made for earning cash. Just so you know ladies an gentlemen, with guys with uncut cocks you can have just as much fun, and they’re bit easier to please, seeing how their foreskin is protecting their tip making them much more sensitive when you’re having sex, or, as with this guy, when you masturbate yourself silly.

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Guy masturbating his uncut cock in the bathroom

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It seems like it’s not only chicks that are taking nude and dirty photos of themselves in the bathroom, it seems guys with uncut cocks have discovered that both gals and guys want to see their foreskin in action. Here’s one of the bathroom masturbation video featuring a fantastic foreskin guy with a pretty big dick. The tip of his dick is barely out of the protective sheet and he’s enjoying himself plenty, tugging on his dick and showing everybody just how much fun playing with uncut cocks is.

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Jerking off a medium sized uncut cock

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Uncut cocks are just as fun to play with as the cut ones, especially when the horny guys decide to jerk off in front of the camera for us. This horny guy has gotten his junk out and is giving it a hard handshake, his foreskin is peeking back as he shows us how interesting handling of uncut cocks is. As a guy with a foreskin of my own, I can say that I don’t envy the cut guys at all, they may have traded their foreskin for some small growth, but the sensitivity of uncut cocks can’t be matched by anything else.

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Dick licking with guys that have uncut cocks

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Making a gay party is pretty fun thing to do for these guys with uncut cocks, they just love getting on top of one another and having some fun. It’s different for the cut guys, they can have chicks suck them off and jerk their junk, but uncut cocks are more sensitive and you have to know just how to peel the foreskin back and not to hurt a guy. Here’s a dick licking homo who doesn’t mind all the foreskin, it makes the things much more interesting for him as the guy he’s sucking off is much more sensitive.

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